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Dog Shoes For Summer: Preventing Heatstroke

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Water, fresh clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses. Everybody knows how to prepare themselves before going out in a heatwave. However, nobody knows for sure what a dog needs to get ready for summer. Dog shoes are one of the most important items to prevent heatstroke.

Taking care of our dogs during summer is essential. There are a lot of things you can do to provide a safe environment for your dog throughout this season (you can check the list on our blog about keeping dogs cool in summer). However, in this article, we will focus on dog shoes for summer and their importance.

Dogs’ paws are made of five parts, and they have a thin layer of fat that prevents them from freezing out in winter. Their pads act like a barrier blocking the cold from the ground and sending the cold blood back to the rest of the body to warm it up. Truly amazing, right?
However, dogs’ pads aren’t that helpful during summertime. They are prepared to handle high temperatures, but not overheated concrete. Hot surfaces can cause blisters and burns on your dog’s paws, so it’s important to act beforehand.

Dog shoes

Taking care of his paws can make a real difference in your dog’s summer experience. Dogs’ shoes act as heat insulators and minimize the possibility of suffering burns and blisters.
By getting shoes for your dog, you will make sure to protect him against excessive heat while providing better traction on slippery surfaces.

‘If you are doubting whether your dog needs to wear shoes or not, there is a simple test you can do: Put your hand on the pavement, and feel the temperature. If it’s too hot for you, it is also too hot for your dog.’

How to choose the appropriate dog shoes for my pup

Depending on where you live and the activities you do with your dog, his shoes’ needs may vary. There are water-resistant shoes, breathable, neoprene boots, rubber shoes, and the list goes on.

Plus, dogs’ shoes size is more important than you think. If you choose the incorrect number of boots and they don’t fit perfectly, your dog will feel super uncomfortable and will struggle to wear them.

How to take good care of our dogs during summer?

Avoid long walks on hot surfaces: Throughout summertime, you need to keep walks short and sweet. Not only because concrete can burn dogs’ paws, but also because they may experience a heatstroke. Use your common sense, what’s not good for you it’s not good for your dog. (Meaning, don’t walk 2 straight hours in the burning midday sun.)

Provide him with water and good nutrition: Dogs’ nutrition is essential to good overall health. Guarantee to cover all his nutritional requirements with MOKAI’s Multifunctional Dog Chews which help him boost his immune system.

Check his paws regularly: If you notice his paws are red, swollen, or blistered, your dog may be suffering from a mild burn and needs to be followed up with the vet.

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