dog licking paws

Dog Licking Paws Incessantly

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Hearing your dog licking paws in the middle of the night is probably not your favorite sound. It is actually quite upsetting and worrying once you wake up, you stay up wondering: what’s wrong with my dog?

Dogs redirect their emotions through paw licking. Every dog develops this annoying habit at least once in their lives and it can occur due to various reasons.

Before digging in its causes, if your dog licks his paws excessively, it’s important to provide a safe environment for him. You should always make sure his paws are clean and disinfected, to avoid further infections or skin problems. Mokai’s antibacterial wipes will help you keep the area neat and clean while avoiding irritation.

Why is my dog licking paws?

This habit is not only annoying for us owners. Your dog is probably not very happy about that either, since paw licking can be caused by itchiness, pain, and irritation. The main causes of dog licking paws are:

  • Parasites and bacterial infections: Ticks and mites can snuggle up in between your dog’s toes, causing itchiness and irritation, and subsequent paw licking. You can use Mokai’s antibacterial and antifungal wipes to clean and sanitize the affected area.

  • Allergies: Food or chemical allergies can cause acute dermatitis on your dog’s paws. Dust, chemical products used on grasses, and food sensitiveness can be some of the underlying causes of allergies. Try making a list of the foods or toxins that may be causing a skin allergic reaction and remove them.

  • Skin problems: Hot spots or rashes can cause itchiness in your dog’s paws. These conditions can also cause pain and subsequent infection of the area. You can read more about these skin problems on our blog about hot spots. Mokai’s antibacterial and antifungal are great for treating dermatological conditions such as hot spots and dermatitis.

  • Boredom or anxiety: Dogs have a lot of stored energy they need to use up, otherwise, they will end up having these kinds of behaviors. They can also get bored easily. Just like we bite our fingernails or fidget, dogs lick their paws. To avoid this behavior, make sure not to skip walking time and stimulate him mentally.
dog licking paws

Itchiness and irritation are super annoying for dogs and can cause severe pain and burning. To avoid infections, bacteria, and fungi, you can use our entire line of antiseptic grooming products. Shampoo, spray, ear cleaner, and wipes with antibacterial and antifungal properties, to take care of your pup and ensure his wellbeing, without compromising his health.

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