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6 Calm Dog Breeds

When a family is looking for a dog, there are many things to consider. The dog’s size, age, the available space you have, his needs, and personality traits are some of them. But, what about the dog’s level of energy? Sometimes, people want to adopt a dog but they can’t handle the extra energy, the tear-up, the chewed furniture, the excessive barking… calm dog breeds are ideal for families with kids and/or senior people who are looking for a furry company.

Laid-back calm dog breeds

Luckily, just like people, dogs are not all the same. Just like there are energetic breeds that will match perfectly with active people, there are some laid-back dog breeds that will be happy to nap in the middle of the day with you.

Saint Bernard: Calm, gently, and friendly. They are very loyal, easy to train, and the ideal match for a family with kids.

French Bulldog: This dog is not only calm and friendly but also small-sized, which makes them eligible for older people.

Pug: They are great apartment dogs not only because of their size but also because they love human companionship. They are highly intelligent, friendly, and easygoing. Pugs can be the best choice for new pet parents who don’t know much about dogs.

Chow-chow: Highly protective and devoted to their owners, Chow-chows are the ideal breed for a one-person family, since they have a similar temperament to a cat since they are very self-sufficient.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These friendly and cuddly dogs love to spend time on their owner’s laps. They have a very docile nature which makes them calm and easy to relate to. Besides, they usually don’t bark, so they are pretty quiet dogs.


However, even calm dog breeds can suffer from anxiety and stress. Triggers like loud noises, thunderstorms, and fireworks can upset your dog and affect his behavior. In those cases, Mokai’s Calming Support can be a true ally for lowering stress and relieving anxiety.

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