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Supporting Your Blind Dog

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On August 23rd, we celebrate national blind dogs’ day. It’s a special day to honor our furry friends that lost their vision but can see perfectly clear with their hearts. ‘What is essential is invisible to the eye’ says the little prince, and we couldn’t agree more. ?

Blind dogs are perfectly capable of performing any kind of activity. ‘It’s more traumatic for us, as pet parents, than it is to the animal’ states Dr. Tammy Miller Michau, an ophthalmologist of Blue Pearl Emergency Pet Hospital.

Blind dogs

Naturally, the situation can vary depending on the circumstances that led them to blindness (if there was a severe trauma or previous condition if the dog was born blind, if the sight was lost gradually or suddenly, etc.), but vets assure blind dogs can adjust just fine and have perfectly normal happy lives.

Even though there are things vision-impaired dogs might be unable to do safely, their favorite activities (eat, play, walk, cuddle) can be performed with no risks.

Here is a shortlist of tips for you to boost your dog’s experiences:

  • Talk to your dog frequently: The sound of your voice is definitely one of your dog’s favorite sounds. By listening to your voice, he can feel like he’s watching you come home after work. Besides, your voice will help your dog identify where you are and the distance you are at. It will also be part of his guidance.

  • Have a consistent routine: Dogs find routines very reassuring. Especially if your dog went blind all of a sudden, a routine can help him adjust to his new lifestyle. It will help them know what to expect and when.

  • Don’t move the furniture and keep the floor clear of objects: Your dog will easily remember your floor plan, so keeping everything in its place will help him orient inside your house. Besides, never leave objects on the floor since your dog can trip and hurt himself severely.

  • Use scent and sounds as guidance: Smell is dogs’ strongest sense. When pups are blind, they will sharpen this sense and will become real pros of smell. Use scent and sounds to play fetch and brain games. Also, to identify the dangerous parts in your house (such as the stairs!).

  • Never move his food and water bowl: Dogs are super-fast learners, and they will surprise you more than once. They will rapidly identify where their most important assets are (yes, food and water bowl), and they will visit that place frequently, so, don’t ever move it!

  • Always take him on a leash: All dogs must be on a leash whenever they are outside. However, it’s even more important for blind dogs, since although they are probably familiar with the walking circuit, they can’t spot any sudden change or unexpected danger, so you must do it for them.

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