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Adopted! – Miami Dade Adoption Story – Meet Tori!

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Adoption Story. Adopted!

Hi! My name is Tori and this is my adoption story! I’m a three-year-old Terrier mix, but don’t let the name fool you. I’m a 62-pound lap warmer with a lot of love to give. I can be whatever kind of friend you need me to be! If you want to go to the park or play games, I’m all for it, and will come running with as much energy as I can! But if you want a quieter time, I like that, too. Who doesn’t like a quiet afternoon snuggling with the tv on?


Speaking of snuggling, it’s my favorite thing to do. If I lean on you or nudge your hand or arm, that’s a polite way of asking for some love. I like ear rubs and butt scritches the best, so you know. The people that take care of me call me a loving pup. They can’t be there to snuggle all the time, though, but when they can’t, they always leave me a blanket to curl up with instead. If you take me home, please make sure I have a blanket or something else soft and warm for when you’re not around. Other dogs are great, too, if you have one, so long as they can be quiet like me.

A walk in the Park

As for that offer of taking me to the park, I still love other dogs being around, so dog parks are the best! I will appoint myself Park Police, though, and break up any games that look too ‘ruff’ so no one gets hurt. It’s my job. I’m a good girl. Aside from that, I don’t have a favorite toy or game to play with, but I do love water! I love running in it, rolling in it, splashing in it, anything that’ll get me wet! I haven’t tried real swimming yet, but I think I’d love it, too. Kiddy pools are the deepest I’ve gone, but those are my favorite things to play with. I just can’t take one with me.

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I’ve been here for a long time, though – longer than any other dog! My adoption story started when they found me on January 4th, after I hurt my leg and couldn’t walk without limping a little, so they took me to the shelter and placed me up for adoption. I’m all better by now, though, and really jealous that all of my friends keep finding new homes! I’ve even been spayed!

Luckily for me, I recently found a new home! I've been adopted, I still live in Miami Dade, and I get all the love and attention that I could ever ask for! If you're still looking for a new best friend, though, read some of the other stories here! Being adopted can change a dog's life and yours as well!

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