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7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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While Halloween is coming closer, safety always comes first. And even though the spooky season is all about fun, costumes, trick or treating, and celebrating, there are a few things to take into account regarding Halloween pet safety.

We love including our pooches in all our plans. However, in order to do so, we need to guarantee their safety. And even though some celebrations are more pet-friendly than others (that is for sure), we always need to make sure to provide them with the best care.

That is why we have come up with a short 7-step guide to ensure Halloween pet safety.

Update ID tags: During the night of October 31st, people of every state go out looking for some ghastly fun. Streets will be crowded and loud, and incidents can happen. If your dog gets scared, confused, or off of his leash, he might easily get lost. It is very important your pup carries an updated ID tag, with all your personal information in it.

2. Keep candy out of paw reach: Chocolate, candy, and other treats can be super harmful to our pups (you can read more in our blog about 7 toxic foods for dogs). Remember dogs are not supposed to eat sugar or its substitutes at all. So, if you are planning to go trick or treating with your pup, you need to make sure they can’t reach the candy. It is very common to find rest of candies or chocolates in the streets, so you’ll need to make a thorough job and be alert.

3. Check costume safety: Is there anything cuter than seeing a dog in a spooky Halloween costume? I bet no! However, not all Halloween costumes are pet-safe. If you decided to dress your pup up, make sure his costume doesn’t restrict his movement, his sight, and breathing. Your pups need to be comfortable with the costume, so please don’t include any item that can be upsetting for them.

4. Keep your pup on a leash: If you are a fond reader of our blog, you know we can’t stress this point enough (in fact, we’ve written an entire blog about how to choose the right leash for your dog). Especially during holidays (and not to mention if you take him trick or treating), dogs can get triggered due to loud noises, unknown people and dogs, unusual movements, etc., so they need to walk on leashes for everyone’s safety.

5. Keep jack o’ lanterns out of their reach: Despite their undeniable contribution to a spooky Halloween decoration, jack o’ lanterns can be a fire hazard when you light up candles in their inside. We recommend you not to do it indoors, but if you are still going to, try to put them aside, and out of your pet’s reach.

6. Get prepared for loud noises: Even though is not the 4th of July, occasional fireworks can occur during this holiday. Besides, the streets will get crowded, hence, your dog will probably be exposed to loud noises, music, people, etc. If you already know your dog gets anxious, be prepared: Get him Hemp Calming Support. CBD for dogs can make a real difference in their anxiety, reducing nervousness, promoting calmed behavior, and contributing to Halloween pet safety.

7. Pay special attention to your pup: Each dog is unique, and so are their preferences and needs. Knowing your pup in depth is the best way to take care of him. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors’ dog goes without a leash, doesn’t pick up candy from the floor, and loves being in a tight costume. That is just not your dog. Loving your pups just the way they are is the best way to take good care of them.

How to keep your senior dog safe on Halloween

Senior dogs need special attention during holidays, so apart from following all the former tips, in order to maintain Halloween pet safety you should:

  • Keep trick or treating short and sweet: Our oldies mobility is not as good as it used to be: they get tired more easily, and may need to take short rests. Take them to places where they can lie down and try to keep the celeb short.

  • Take his bowl of water with you: Seniors can get dehydrated more easily than puppies and adult dogs. If you are going on a walk, even if it is short, make sure to grab some water for him.

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