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7 Human Behaviors Dogs Don't Like

We tend to treat our dogs as if they were humans: we give them names, cuddle with them in bed, and talk to them as if they could answer. And it’s fine: all of the former are human behaviors that our dogs can tolerate and even benefit from. But there are also certain behaviors human behaviors dogs don’t like and don't feel comfortable with and it’s essential to tell them apart.

7 Human behaviors dogs don't like

1. Invading his personal space

Personal space is a pretty serious subject for dogs. You should always be gentle and careful when approaching dogs. If you come near their faces all of a sudden, they tend to feel overwhelmed and their response can be aggressive.

2. Dogs scolding and yelling

In this point I would like to clear something up: not only does our dog strongly dislike being yelled at but he also doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Scolding your dog is not part of his training. He gets scared, confused and he may even urinate himself. Please avoid this practice, it’s not good for you nor for your dog.

3. Dogs being dressed up in costumes

This is probably one of the most annoying behaviors dogs have to deal with. Putting on a costume is already pretty uncomfortable for humans (when we do it, we are only thinking of getting home and putting our sweats on). And it’s even worse if you are a dog and you have no idea what’s going on. Not only is it super uncomfortable but it’s also extremely pointless.

4. Not letting dogs sniff around during their walks

I know this can be irritating (especially if you are in a hurry) but even if your dog stops in every corner, you should give him space and time to explore. Exploration time is very important for dogs' mental health, and they do it all through their noses.

human behaviors dogs don't like

5. Hear you arguing with another human

Our pets absolutely hate when we humans argue with each other. They get anxious, stressed, and alert. Naturally, dogs can’t understand what is happening when we argue, but they can sense our tone causing them to feel threatened, or feel the need to protect us. They will probably start barking or crying to make you stop.

6. The lack of routine

Humans tend to get really bored when caught up in a routine, but dogs are a different species. They need to have a schedule, not only to feel comfortable but also to know what to expect. And that’s why your dog stares at you at the same time every day when it’s time for dinner, it’s his routine.

There are certain human behaviors dogs don't like: Being dressed up, hearing you argue with another human, the lack of routine, having you yell at him, or feeling like you’re invading his personal space…

7. Fireworks

The noise and flashes of fireworks can make our dogs feel threatened or triggered. Dogs get anxious and frightened due to the unpredictability of the situation. They have no idea what’s going on and they can even run away and hide. If you know your dog gets stressed over fireworks, you should consider getting him hemp calming support to help him deal with anxiety.

Although dogs are part of our family, we must not forget they are animals who have a different nature from us, and hence, their needs and demands vary. Understanding our dogs’ needs and respecting them is key to make the most out of their everyday lives. Learn to love your furry friends for who they are :)

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