brain games for dogs

5 Brain Games For Dogs

Dogs need constant brain games and physical incentives, otherwise, their life can turn a little bit boring. They need much more than walking, sleeping, and eating. Dogs are highly intelligent animals who need to use up all their energy in order to avoid developing anxiety and other mental conditions.

If your pup spends almost all day lying on the floor and you wonder what can you do to make it better, it’s time for brain games!

Brain games for dogs

Hide and seek or Treasure Hunt: Dogs are more intelligent than you think, so don’t hesitate to challenge them! Hide his favorite toy somewhere, in a safe room where he can sniff around without any risk. Start easy, with one or two treats, and increase the difficulty as the game goes on. You’ll notice how they easily get engaged: their smell will be their best partner!

Tug of war: This is a complete game that can challenge your pouch both mentally and physically. Some people think this game can encourage behavior problems, but on the contrary, trainers see it as a high-value training tool. This game impulses control, builds confidence, and strengthens the bond between the owner and the animal.

The shell or Which Hand: Hide his favorite treat beneath a cup (If you want, you can also do it with your hands), and make sure your pup is engaged and watching. Then switch it with other empty cups, several times, and encourage him to find that treat. You’ll notice that his engagement will increase as time passes.

Spin the bottle: Drill one or two holes in a plastic bottle (make sure they are big enough), push your pup’s favorite treat through it, and that is it! Spin the bottle around the house and let your dog chase it. He will probably paw the bottle, chew it or lick it until he can get the treat out!

Puzzles: This is one of the most challenging brain games for your dog. You can buy it online or you can do it yourself! How? Simply by getting a muffin tin and tennis balls. Put a tennis ball on top of every hole of the muffin tin, and hide a treat beneath. Your dog will sniff it and will try to remove the tennis ball from the muffin tin hole to get it!

Last but not least, due to the pandemic, many dogs have developed separation anxiety and hyperactivity. If your dog suffers from severe anxiety, and mental stimulation doesn’t seem to be working, you can try our Hemp Calming Support, which will help reduce stress, relax his muscles, and calm his mind and body.

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