taking care of the planet with dogs

4 Ways Of Taking Care Of The Planet With Dogs

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Global climate change is having an enormous impact on our environment and hence, in our everyday lives. Heat waves, cyclones, ice breaking up earlier, glaciers shrinking… Here are 4 ways of taking care of the planet with dogs. Our planet needs a change now and it’s up to us to make a real difference.

What is environmental change?

Environmental change is a disturbance of the environment mostly caused by human actions, which generates changes in the usual climate of the planet. According to youmatter.world, ‘As a result of unbalancing the weather of Earth, the sustainability of the planet’s ecosystems is under threat, as well as the future of humankind and the stability of the global economy.’

Taking action to reduce our footprint is essential to save our planet. In Mokai, we believe that every small action counts. ‘The real environmentalist is better than the perfect environmentalist’, meaning that is better to do something than doing nothing because if it’s not perfect, it’s not worthy.

So, here is a list of baby steps you can take including your furry BFF to make our planet healthier.

Taking care of the planet with dogs

Avoid wasting water: If you are bathing your pouch, try to optimize the use of water. You can prepare some bottles with warm water beforehand, so you'll ensure to use exactly the amount of water needed. Don’t leave the water running while you chase your pup to take him to his bathing spot!

Use a dog poop bag alternative: Disposable non-recyclable plastic bags take between 500 and 1000 years to decompose. That means that the bag you used this morning to pick up your dog’s poop will still be here once you are gone. Our Compostable dog poop bags are made from cornstarch. Besides, they fully decompose within 90 days and are safe for the environment.

Use plastic-free products: As we’ve already mentioned, there is no such thing as the perfect environmentalist. Try to reduce the use of plastic. If you are still going to use it, try to give it another purpose. At Mokai, we are launching our first vegan plastic-free product named ‘All-in-one’, made of adaptogenic herbs. Taking care of the planet with dogs has never been so easy.

Reduce the consumption of meat: Every dog has its own needs, and nobody knows what they are better than you. However, only by reducing the consumption of meat, you would be making a great difference in the environment.

What world do you want your dog to live in?
We used to think that climate change would only affect next generations, but truth is that it has been affecting all of us for a long time now. Making our planet a better place to live is a worldwide responsibility, but that responsibility starts with every one of us. Taking care of the planet with dogs can be the first step.

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