Skin and Coat

Our dogs glow from the inside out!  Any allergies, vitamin deficiencies, diseases, or inflammation can impact their healthy skin and coat.  Supplementing our dog’s nutrition with essential fatty acids and aminos will help control allergies, inflammation, while promoting healthy cognitive functions. 


pressure sores in dogs

Pressure Sores In Dogs

Pressure sores in dogs are very similar to bed sores in humans. Also known as decubitus ulcers, pressure sores occur when a dog lies too

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is salmon oil good for dogs. dog smelling food

Is Salmon Oil Good For Dogs?

As responsible pet owners, our job is to make sure our dogs’ nutritional requirements are fully covered. Fatty acids are part of the nutrient recommendations

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dog licking

Dog Licking Paws

Hearing your dog licking his paws in the middle of the night is probably not your favorite sound. It is actually quite upsetting and worrying

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