Hemp Calming For Dogs
hemp calming chews for dogs
dog anxiety meds
Hemp Calming For Dogs
anxiety treats for dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs
Hemp Calming For Dogs

Mokai's hemp calming treats are delicious plant-based treats made with adaptogens and super-herbs that will gently and naturally calm your dog while restoring the physical, chemical, emotional, and mental balance.  Provides relief when dogs feel anxious due to stressful situations by promoting positive and calm behavior without making your pup lethargic or drowsy. 

  • Gently and naturally calms your dog down by reducing stress, fear, and anxiety.
  • Raises the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain
  • Has mild sedative qualities traditionally used to alleviate insomnia, stress, and anxiety.
  • Keeps levels of serotonin and dopamine high in the body.
  • Contains essential amino acids responsible for relaxing the nervous system.

 DOG'S WEIGHT                        Recommended Quantity
  Under 25 lbs                              1 Soft Chew (per day)
  25 - 75 lbs                                 2 Soft Chews (per day)
  Over 75 lbs                                3 Soft Chews (per day)

Hemp Calming For Dogs

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“Love the Mokai chews! Plus this is a great company to work with. They corresponded with me when I had an order mix-up and corrected it with great satisfaction. Thank you!”

— Ed Mowl
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Health Benefits

  • Gently and naturally
    calms your dog down

  • Promotes calmness
    while traveling

  • Promotes a balanced

  • Reduces stress during
    fireworks or

  • Reduces nervousness,
    hyperactivity, or

Hemp Calming Treats For Dogs

Our Hemp Calming Treats for dogs are delicious hemp-based CBD treats that provide relief when pets feel anxious due to stressful situations and our hemp calming chews are the best calming aid for dogs. Pets can become stressed for many reasons such as traveling, moving, thunderstorms, fireworks, etc, and our Hemp calming treats for dogs can make a real difference. Dogs can also suffer from hyperactivity, excessive barking, or destructive chewing and by feeding our anxiety treats for dogs, you will notice a significant difference as they contain adaptogens for dogs that will help restore their emotional, chemical, physical and mental balance, which is why they are the best calming chews for dogs.

About Calming Treats

Mokai’s Hemp Calming Treats for dogs are delicious treats made with adaptogens and super-herbs that will gently calm your dog, while restoring his physical, chemical, emotional, and mental balance!

Our Calming Chews for dogs provide easiness and relaxation without making your pup lethargic or drowsy.  We focus on nature’s super-nutrients such as GABA, L-theanine, magnesium, and valerian root for kaleidoscopic sleep benefits, which is why we don’t add any melatonin because dogs already produce it making supplementation unnecessary and harmful.  And this is why our hemp calming chews are the best calming treats for dogs.

Our hemp calming chews can make a real difference in your pup’s behavior and it’s up to you to give it a shot!

Dog calming treats side effects:  Zero!  You can feel confident that our calming treats for dogs are formulated with nature’s nutritional superpowers, making them the best relaxing chews for dogs as they have no side effects.



Our powerful blend of Ashwaganda, Hemp, PassionFlower, Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Catnip will work together to help restore your dog's physical, chemical, emotional, and mental balance! These super-herbs work wonders when your dog is feeling stressed or anxious by raising the levels of gamma-aminobu-tyric acid in the brain.

Customer Reviews

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Tina MTina M
Overall great product!

Worked great on our husky for calming her on our walks. She’s very harsh with pulling on the leash. After giving her these chews, her leash pulling has shown significant improvement.

Anxiety relief

Poppy goes nuts when I leave her and normally looks for something to tear up. I’ve tried so many things and then found these. She loved the flavor and ate them with no hesitation. I suggest you give them to them about 30 min before leaving so they have time to start working. Our last 2 pics show they are working!

Morgan TooneMorgan Toone
Husky-proof Calming Chews!!

Calming treats have always been a joke in our house because with a 2-year old, 65 lb husky shepherd pup, calm just isn’t usually an option!! But 3-4 of these Mokai calming treats and our fur baby was down for an evening nap. He loves them so much he keeps trying to sneak off with the whole bottle!! 10/10 recommend these for a more peaceful evening with your pups:)

Miranda Miranda
Great Stress & Anxiety Relief

We decided to test these out for our almost 4 year old german shepherd mix. She gets stressed when we travel. We were staying in a hotel for 3 days, so decided to give these a try. Thank god we did!! She did much better this trip than in the past. She has never lived in an apartment complex or condo, so having people constantly walk around or make noises stresses her out. She was totally chill after taking these, would definitely recommend!

Easy to use

We have a nervous dog and we’re happy to have found these soft chews. After the first use we noticed a difference in our pup - calmer than other times in the same experience. We also like how the jar provides clear guidance on how many soft chews to give.


We love everything about these calming treats. Before giving your dog ANYTHING, you should always research the brand & ingredients.ZPAW met all of our high standards & we couldn’t be happier with the results.These hemp stress & anxiety chews from @zpawpets are SOO amazing, delicious & effective!✈️Use Relax & Calm Chews before traveling, separation from your pet, and before any anticipated loud noises like storms or fireworks.🌱High levels of L-Tryptophan combine with chamomile & ginger.Formulated for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding to environmentally-induced stress.🌲High potency natural ingredients are properly formulated for optimal results.Recommended For:• Travel/ Car anxiety• Separation anxiety• Loud storms, thunderstorms & fireworks• Changes in routine• Veterinarian or Groomer visitsZPAW Vet Line Calming Support for Dogs is a tasty treat made to calm anxious dogs & provide relief from stressful situations that causes these undesirable behaviors.

Bulldog Approves!

My 2 year old Bulldog gets stressed when going Hemp to the Vet. ZPaws Hemp Calming Treats made going to the Vets office a lot nicer. He was a lot calmer, which was wonderful. He wasn’t sure about the smell when I first tried to give to him, but he ate it and I’ve never had that problem again. ZPaws Hemp Calming Treats are absolutely worth the try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Genral Inquiries

The Mokai soft chews are suitable for dogs of any age and breed, however, we recommend introducing this supplement to your pup slowly when they are around 6 months old. If you have any concerns please consult your vet.

All our products are intended to be consumed by our furry friends and are not safe for human consumption. Please keep packages out of reach of children.

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