Mokai Pet supplements and grooming suppies

Spooked Pup | Halloween Pack


✓  Enhance muscle and bone growth
✓  Promotes a healthy nervous and immune system
✓  Supports healthy brain, ocular, and liver function
✓  Help reduce inflammation and cognitive aging
✓  Great for pets with sensitive skin.

✓  Water-based formula that avoids irritation.
✓  Long-lasting fresh scent that lasts for days.

Our multivitamin treats will help improve the overall quality of your dog’s life. These tasty vitamin chews help to maintain a healthy immune system and process environmental toxins. Our vitamins contain minerals and antioxidants that break down nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so the body can utilize them.

Our pet cologne and body spray is a water-based formula that adds extra freshness after bathing, or between baths. This freshening spray utilizes our exclusive deodorizer, Sweet Pea, and Vanilla Infusion, which makes your dog smell great!

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