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Amazon Customer
good bags but some arrived damaged

Here are the pros and cons of these bags.ProsEasy to open, which is a plus on a cold morning when wearing gloves.Good thickness.Easily tears off roll.No plastic or cardboard tube to throw out at the end of the roll.Made of corn starch, which is compostable and a big plus.ConsAs you can see from the photo, a number of bags were not usable due to production issues. Bags were slit down the middle. I took this photo after encountering the first roll where this happened. I thought this might be a fluke, but then another roll had the same problem. So far, 10 bags not usable. Still have 2 rolls out of 8 to go.Although the bag measurements are standard, the bottom of the bags are gathered together, so they don't open as fully as other bags.Not for really large dogs. I have an australian shepherd mix and the bags couldn't be any smaller to work.Full roll doesn't fit in a regular size dispenser; need to use 3-4 bags before putting in dispenser.Overall, I would buy these bags again except for how many were damaged and couldn't be used.

Sticker tears bags, otherwise great!

These bags are great but the sticker used to hold the roll together before use tears the first bag. Even with careful manipulation, the bag still rips. Hopefully they will design a different adhesive so that we don’t have to waste 8 bags because they have a hole in them.

No spool so it doesn't fit on a holder that requires one

Love the bags themselves, however they do not fit into our bag dispenser that we keep on the leash because there is no hole or spool that the bags are wrapped on. Our holder needs one because the middle sticks out so if you have something similar this may not work for you.

Nancy D. Solomon
Good eco-friendly poop bags

I'm trying to cut back on plastic and stuff that doesn't biodegrade quickly. These poop bags are great. They are bio-degradable and are perfect my little dog"s poop and for my daughter's medium-size dog's poops, too. I can't report personally on the capacity for large dogs. The bags come off the roll easily and open easily, too - a huge plus, and are sturdy. This product makes me a good neighbor and a good global citizen at the same time. You can't beat that. I recently gave a box of them to one of my grandsons when he got a new puppy. We are fans.

Amazon Customer
Great ECO Bags

Love these doggy poo bags! They are easy to tear apart are strong AND eco friendly! Perfect!

Additional Information

Reducing the environmental footprint is our main goal. Help save the planet by adding our compostable waste bags to the cart! Our biodegradable bags made from cornstarch are the best poop bags for the environment. They are certified to fully decompose in 90 days. Our biodegradable waste bag is safe for the environment and a great alternative to plastic bags. Most importantly, it keeps our seas and the entire planet plastic-free. Best eco-friendly dog poop bags on the market!

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

✓  Silky feel and keep odor inside
✓  Durable, leak-proof, tear-proof
✓  Avoids the use of polyethylene terephthalate PET plastic
✓  Decompose in only 90 days

Our compostable and biodegradable bags for dog poop are made from Corn Starch (ASTM D6400 -BPI certified -European VINCOTTE). Our compostable and biodegradable poop bags are environmentally friendly and come in 8 rolls of 20 strong bags.  We recommend you keeping them inside a dry place.

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