A small company with big dreams

At MOKAI, we believe in supporting your dog’s active lifestyle with whole ingredients that nourish his mind and body to live a happy and healthy life!  We treat your pets as our own and you can check it after trying our products. They truly help you make the most out of your pet’s life. Today, MOKAI is a 100% family-owned company serving thousands of families around the United States, through our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Not just a company.

We’re a family with real dog needs.

In 2015, our founder Andrea was devastated after her 4-year old Akita, Ozzy, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. After multiple exams due to limping and pain, the veterinarian prescribed him Glucosamine, but Ozzy was a picky one.  He truly disliked taking his medicine, Andrea had to force him to eat it and every tablet was becoming a nightmare for both of them.  

‘There has to be a better option’ Andrea thought. So, together with her husband, they built up a team of Veterinary Medicine specialists who shared the same passion and love for animals and nature. After extensive research, the team was able to formulate superior products, made with nature’s best ingredients for dogs to enjoy as delicious treats while maximizing their health and wellness.

Now, our founders have two healthy, pain-free dogs who benefit from MOKAI products every day. 

Making the most out of your pet’s life!

We’re not in business to sell, we’re here because we care. We understand your needs because we’re also dog owners and that’s why our products are natural, free of artificial colors and preservatives. Every product contains a higher concentration of active ingredients, allowing you to see significant benefits in your pet’s health within days of using them.