7 Human Behaviors Dogs Don’t Like

Angry golden retriever

We tend to treat our dogs as if they were humans: we give them names, cuddle with them in bed, and talk to them as if they could answer. And it’s fine: all of the former are human behaviors that our dogs can tolerate and even benefit from. But there are also certain behaviors human […]

Broward County Adoption Story – Meet Cornbread!

Dog for adoption Hi!  My name is Cornbread! I’m a 63 pound, 9-year-old Pit Bull-Labrador mix and I’m placed up for adoption.  I know I may seem old and even have some gray hair, but I’m as excited as a puppy when there are new people around!  People are my best friends.  Other dogs are […]

Everyday Dog Grooming Tips

Your dog does a great job of grooming themselves but at times they need us to step in. They can’t always hit those hard to reach areas where dirt and other outside particles attach themselves too. A well-groomed dog not only will keep your house clean, but a well-groomed dog will benefit from a shiny coat, […]

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

do dogs get tired of barking?

Expecting a dog not to bark is like expecting a child never to talk. Barking is your dog’s way to communicate with others: It’s a natural behavior and a sign of health. However, barking can be wearing and exhausting for owners and dogs as well. Have you ever noticed that after a period of excessive […]