Pressure Sores In Dogs

pressure sores in dogs

Pressure sores in dogs are very similar to bed sores in humans. Also known as decubitus ulcers, pressure sores occur when a dog lies too much time on a hard surface, hurting his skin and forming a lesion. Usually, these lesions develop over bone prominences. Thus, it is very common to find pressure sores on […]

3 Effective Ways To Keep Shedding Under Control

Vet keep shedding under control

Daily Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews For Dogs Even though shedding is a completely normal process in a dog’s life, excessive shedding can be frustrating and exhausting and, sometimes, a sign of health issues. If you have a furry best friend at home, you probably have your sofa, floors, bed and clothes all covered in dog hair. […]

Is Salmon Oil Good For Dogs?

is salmon oil good for dogs. dog smelling food

As responsible pet owners, our job is to make sure our dogs’ nutritional requirements are fully covered. Fatty acids are part of the nutrient recommendations for pet food made by the National Research Council (NRC) and constitute an essential part of their diet.  Omega 3 for dogs is highly recommended since dogs can’t produce Omega-3 […]

Hot Spots On Dogs: Causes and Treatments

Hot spots

Hot spots on dogs, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are every dog owner’s nightmare. They are a skin condition many dogs undergo at least one time in their lives. This painful and unpleasant dermatitis can appear from nowhere and spread rapidly. But the good news is hot spots can be treated and prevented. What […]

Dog Rash: Causes And Treatment

dog rash

The sound of your dog scratching in the middle of the night while you can’t do anything about it is heartbreaking, right? Allergies, hot spots, stomach irritations, and rashes are very common things our dogs undergo. In this article, we will focus on dog rash. Even though taking care of your dog’s coat and skin […]

Dog Licking Paws

dog licking

Hearing your dog licking his paws in the middle of the night is probably not your favorite sound. It is actually quite upsetting and worrying once you wake up, you stay up wondering: what’s wrong with my dog? Dogs redirect their emotions through paw licking. Every dog develops this annoying habit at least once in […]

Skin Infections In Dogs

skin infections in dogs

Skin conditions in dogs are oftentimes a matter of concern: infections, allergies, hot spots, to name a few. What’s more, skin infections affect many dogs throughout their lives. And even though some infections appear out of nowhere, some others have their roots in underlying health problems you may be ignoring.   Symptoms of skin infections […]

Hair Loss in Dogs

hair loss in dogs

Shedding is a normal process every dog undergoes in different seasons of the year (you can read more info about it in our blog about shedding). However, it’s important to state the difference between shedding and hair loss: while shedding is a normal process through which dogs renew their hair, hair loss is usually caused […]