Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why do dogs sleep so much

Sleeping is one of our dogs’ favorites activities, and as such, they spend a lot of time doing it. In fact, what is your pup doing while you read this article? Probably sleeping… (I know mine is!). However, watching our dogs sleep almost the entire day makes us wonder: Why do dogs sleep so much? […]

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Dogs

ashwagandha for dogs

Ashwagandha is a natural herb a.k.a Withania somnifera, Winter cherry, or Indian ginseng, among others. Its meaning in Sanskrit is ‘horses’ smell’ due to its pleasant scent and its ability to increase strength. Ashwagandha is one of the most important components in Ayurvedic medicine, since it helps calm the brain, lower blood pressure and bolster […]

5 Brain Games For Dogs

brain games for dogs

Dogs need constant brain games and physical incentives, otherwise, their life can turn a little bit boring. They need much more than walking, sleeping, and eating. Dogs are highly intelligent animals who need to use up all their energy in order to avoid developing anxiety and other mental conditions. If your pup spends almost all […]

Why Are Dogs’ Noses Wet? 3 Different Reasons

Why are dogs' noses wet

Noses are one of the most important parts of dogs’ anatomy. Our pouches use their sense of smell to understand the world on their own terms. Why are dogs’ noses wet? They have more than 100 million sensory receptor sites in their nasal cavities, while we humans only have 6 million, which explains their outstanding […]

Do Dogs Get Colds? Symptoms And Treatments

do dogs get colds

Humans and dogs are pretty much alike: both social mammals, in need of affection, and highly emotional. Not only our behaviors and emotional capacities are similar to dogs’, but we also share the same organs, systems, and cellular structures. In fact, dogs and humans are so similar that we even share some mundane issues like […]

Active Dog Breeds

active dog breeds

Getting a life companion is an important decision that requires a lot of thought and research. Before adopting a dog, it’s necessary to get acquainted with its breed characteristics, needs, and traits, to make sure your new pup is a great match with your personality and lifestyle. High-energy active dog breeds need more active care. […]

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

dog scratching his bed

Why do dogs scratch their beds? It’s 1 am. You are finally starting to fall asleep after a long and strenuous day of work when you hear that annoying sound. Yes, your dog is scratching his bed furiously and incessantly, AGAIN. Now, fully awake and conscious, you start thinking: ‘Is he uncomfortable? Should I buy […]

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Health

How to take care of your dog's health

Taking care of our dog’s health is a comprehensive and integral task. If you are about to become a dog parent, or if you already are but want to boost your pup’s health, this article is for you. Many pet parents think that taking care of their dogs is feeding them and walking them twice […]

Is My Dog Overweight? Quick Test To Find Out

Is my dog overweight

Is there anything cuter than rubbing your dog’s belly? Or when your pup is a bit chubby and he lays on the ground showing off his tummy? As cute as it may be when your dog is roly-poly, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between a few extra pounds and being overweight. Dog overweight goes […]

4 Hacks To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

How to mentally stimulate your dog

Dogs’ routines can be static and boring: walk, food, sleep; repeat. To cheer things up, it’s necessary to stimulate your dog. Just like any other species, dogs can get depressed after years of lacking motivation and new challenges. To avoid this undesirable scenario and keep your pet mentally stimulated, there are some things you can […]

Dog Nutrition: Are Your Dogs Needs Complete With Dog Food?

As a father of a senior dog, nutrition is key. When I browse the options at the store, I am lost at all the different ingredients and diet plans that are sold. For example, some foods promote joint health for senior pets while others are meant for puppies or middle-aged dogs.   I’ve even had a vendor […]

How To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Stimulate your dog can be a difficult task. Especially, because we all know the drag of an old routine.  The 9-to-5, interminable drives with rude commuters, having lunch at a specific place every Tuesday, etcetera…  Such routines can be comforting, but it’s still easy to find your mind bored after a certain span of time.   […]