Dogs And Cats Living Together

dogs and cats living together

Under the same roof: dogs and cats living together The claimed rivalry between dogs and cats has existed for decades. Phrases like ‘they fight like cats and dogs’ or one of the most famous lines of Ghostbusters ‘Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!’ were seeded in our heads and the idea of having a […]

9 Dog Idioms and Expressions

dog idioms

Dogs have been man’s best friends for a long time now. They are a meaningful part of our culture and have played a very important role in our history. Hence, as a result, dogs have also left a paw on our everyday expressions, giving rise to dog idioms. Dog idioms There are many idioms and […]

Pet Emergency And First Aid Procedures

Knowing a few basic first aid procedures can make a huge difference in a pet emergency if you ever find yourself facing a life-threatening situation. Keep in mind this article is not meant to substitute veterinary attention but to simply educate pet owners on emergency procedures. Below are some of the most common emergency scenarios owners […]

All About Cat Food – What Are You Really Feeding Your Cat?

“Your cat may have nine lives, but you shouldn’t gamble six of them on food from an unreliable brand.” Cats have complicated dietary needs, while high-quality ingredients are very important you also have to take into consideration your cat’s age and any health conditions that it may have such as kidney stones or renal health […]