Why Is My Dog Scooting?

dog scooting

Even though we can find it a bit upsetting and embarrassing, dog scooting is a pretty normal behavior in pups. Almost every dog on the planet has at least scoot once, however, it can sometimes be a sign of concern. What is the explanation behind dogs scooting their butts around the floor? How many times […]

How To Calm Dog Anxiety

dog anxiety

Watching our dogs suffer from anxiety and not knowing what to do about it is heartbreaking. You probably want to help your pup out desperately, but if you don’t know what you are doing, chances are you will make anxiety worse. Dog anxiety is a very common condition, so as pet parents, it’s very important […]

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

can dogs eat mango

Feeding our dogs with fresh natural human food has some noticeable benefits. But it’s not only about the nutrients: giving our dogs human food is part of the bond we share. If you enjoy giving your pup healthy treats, this article is for you. Can dogs eat mango? If you are looking for a straight […]

7 Things Dogs Hate

things dogs hate

Even though we love to spoil our pups and treat them like our babies, we have to bear in mind that dogs and humans are very different species. And many of the ‘human’ behaviors we find enjoyable, dogs find annoying. Learning to know the things dogs hate, their likes and dislikes, is part of their […]

National Dog Day

national dog day

“No one can fully understand the meaning of love until he’s owned a dog” – Gene Hill. On August 26th, we celebrate National Dog Day! This special day is held to show our love and appreciation to our furry best friends, those who are there through thick and thin, and simply are the most loyal […]

5 Tips To A Safe Ride With A Dog

road trip with a dog

Traveling by car with a dog can be a difficult task to perform, especially if you are traveling long distances and spending lots of hours in the car. A ride with a dog can be hard, but not impossible. Traveling by car with a dog Some dogs naturally love traveling by car: feeling the air […]

5 Odd Dog Behaviors: My Dog Is Acting Weird!

odd dog behaviors

Understanding our pets can be a complex job. As dog owners, we want to make sure to provide them with the best care and that our best friends are as happy as they can be. To make that happen, we need to fully understand their needs and learn to decode their odd dog behaviors to […]

Dog Cologne: Yes Or No?

dog cologne

Snuggling our dogs on a lazy Sunday afternoon is what we live for, right? However, dogs go barefoot, smell and roll on other dogs’ poops, and constantly lick themselves. So, naturally, they don’t smell like roses all the time. Dogs have a natural smell that can sometimes, due to certain activities, get a little intense. […]

15 Most Obedient Dog Breeds List

most obedient dog breeds

Being a pet-parent to a dog is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. However, when your dog doesn’t exactly follow your co-habitation rules and starts disobeying, living with a pet can get a little bit uphill. In this article, we are going to go over the most obedient dog breeds. Before adopting a […]

Do Dogs Recognize Their Owners?

can dogs recognize their owners

We love our pups so much that we could recognize them between thousands and thousands of similar dogs, right? But the true question is, can dogs recognize their owners just as well? Can dogs recognize their owners? I think that our biggest fear as pet parents is spending a few days away from our pups […]

Vitamin A For Dogs

vitamin A for dogs

Dogs need different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to stay healthy. Usually, when we buy their food, we think it has all their needs covered. But do we really know if our dogs are getting the required nutrients? Does all their food include the right amount of vitamin A for dogs? First, in order to […]

Dog dewclaws

dog dewclaws

If you’ve ever paid attention to your dog’s paws, then you’ve probably noticed that apart from their main claws, they have a small protuberance on their side. This protuberance is called the dewclaw. The dewclaw is the first digit of dogs’ front and, sometimes, rear paws: they have their own blood and nerve supply and […]